What was the last day of drug lord Lorenzo Fat Cat Nichols? Did he go to jail? Who snitched on Fat Cat? Who’s next? And what was Fat Cat doing in prison? All these questions have been haunting us. This article will answer these questions and more. You may be surprised to learn that Fat Cat was an unreliable source when it comes to drug policy and pop music.

drug lord lorenzo fat cat

Who was Lorenzo Fat Cat Nichols?

In the 1980s, a drug lord named Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols ran a $100,000-a-week business in Queens. In addition to supplying narcotics to New Yorkers, Nichols’ empire was responsible for 10 murders. Fat Cat’s enforcer Brian “Glaze” Gibbs, at age twenty, began running his own crew, initialling the book Money & Murder. You can read Straight From the Street Volume One or Volume Two on Amazon, iTunes, or ACX.

If you’ve ever wondered how one man turned into a narcotics kingpin, this article is for you. The gangster was a notorious New York drug dealer, who once killed a parole officer and his girlfriend. His crimes have forced him into a New York State correctional facility for serving time in prison. As a child, Nichols dropped out of school before the ninth grade. In addition to dropping out of school, he spent time with the Seven Crowns street gang.

Did fat cat go to jail?

Did drug lord Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols go to jail? This is the question on everyone’s mind right now. After all, the infamous crack dealer has already been convicted of two murders and will be released within four years. But will he be freed after that time? You will never know until you read this article. In it, Fat Cat explains his fate, and why he might be free in four years.

Who snitched on Fat Cat?

A New York City drug lord was recently found guilty of racketeering and murder after a series of arrests. Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols was a notorious drug lord in the 1980s, whose empire was centered in the rough Southeast Queens neighborhood. Most of his crew was family, including his nephew and cousin.

According to a former enforcer of the infamous drug lord, “someone offered me some cash to kill a haitian jack”. In an interview with the infamous New York City drug lord, I discovered that he murdered a probation officer and a rookie cop more than 20 years ago. He was later sentenced to ten years in prison.

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