A friend of the family, Matthew Kidder, used telephone twine to strangle Jessica Nelson to death at her home.

Matthew initially denied killing her, but after more questioning, he acknowledged it. In the early stages of the investigation, he also told his entire narrative to the cellmate he was sharing it with.

Who once killed Jessica Nelson?

Matthew Kidder murdered his friend Nelson in the family or even made it to her funeral before being caught by law officials. When Nelson’s mother went to check on her daughter, she found Nelson’s body partially submerged, naked, and with the water running in the bathtub.

She used to be in the fetal position, holding a charging cable for a phone in one hand. Nelson’s head had once had blood in every single spot. She also had blood in her eyes, bruising and abrasions on her neck, and a strangulation mark on her neck that looked like cell phone wire. The victim was killed by being strangled by the smartphone wire. Additionally, there was once evidence that the assassin had put sexual pressure on Nelson.

Dying Recognition For Jessica Nelson And Family Tribute

Jessica gave up on life at the age of 28, abandoning her 8-year-old son and ceasing to be a mother. At Westlawn-Hillcrest Memorial Park in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, she had previously been laid to rest. Her parents, Melissa and Harry A. Nelson, continue to be distressed by their daughter’s recent absence.

According to forensic experts, two DNA samples were found near the telephone cable leading to the crime scene. Nelson had swabbed the fingernails of both his left and right hands, and each time the results had been the same.

Following this tip, the government discovered that the DNA pattern belonged to Mathew, whose head had been damaged and appeared to have a nail scar. Mathew also had a head injury. As a result, the police held him in order to conduct a more thorough investigation.

Fees for Matthew Kidder’s murder: Where Is The Killer In 2022?

In relation to Jessica Nelson’s death, Matthew Kidder was once found guilty of first-degree homicide and assault with a dangerous weapon. As of 2016, the offender was serving an eternal prison sentence for the rape and strangulation of Jessica.

Kidder was once given a fifty-year prison sentence for possessing a firearm. After learning that 50 years was outside the permitted range, the judge reduced the sentence to two decades. Matthew’s convictions were upheld, and he was handed a life sentence, despite the Nebraska Superior Court’s decision to reinstate the initial 50-year sentence.

Under Nebraska law, sentences of up to 50 years are permitted. As a result, the court’s initial decision was appropriate.

Jessica Nelson’s Homicide Fees Are First Disputed by Matthew Kidder

On the evening of the murder, on June 24, 2015, Kidder angrily denied going to Nelson’s home. He made sure to emphasize that he significantly perspired on the sofa and the bed when he told the government that he had visited Nelson’s residence on June 23 to assist her with moving concerns. After the interview, Kidder was once held on suspicion of Nelson’s murder.

He had shared a cell with Randy Anderson and every other prisoner for a period of time. Randy thereafter gave a fake testimony to injure Kidder after Randy spoke all that was formerly in front of him. He could call his father even from a jail cell. The authorities once recorded the prison’s name. Kidder stated over the phone that he stayed roughly 20 minutes at Kidder’s house the night Nelson was killed.

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