Despite the fact that they were all born on the same day, some sources claim they were actually born in the same year. In addition to being the mother of Marilyn, she also claimed to be the father of two other children, a son and a daughter.
Several possible candidates have been proposed as Monroe’s father. In addition to her mother, her biological father was an actor named Charles Stanley Gifford.

This man was a co-worker of Gladys Monroe when she was pregnant. Other men have been named as the father of the famous starlet, including Stanley Gifford, a friend of the actress. According to the actress, she believed that her biological dad was Stanley Gifford.

Who Was Marilyn Monroe Father
The question of Who Was Marilyn Monroe Father? has long intrigued the public. Although her mother, Gladys Pearl Baker, refused to disclose her identity, she did tell people she was the father of three children.

The Gifford story is a myth. It’s not hard to believe that the former actress, who lived in the 1940s, actually was the father of her famous daughter.

This is because Gladys Monroe had a miscarriage with her ex-husband, and the couple was not married at the time. Consequently, the Monroes’ relationship with their father was not a happy one. That’s why, in addition to their love affair, Marilyn remained distant from her father.

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