Peter Zahra was an Australian judge. He was one of the Judges in the New South Wales (NSW) district court.

Peter Zahra Cause of Death

Nationality AUSTRALIAN
Occupation JUDGE
Cause Of Death STROKE

Peter Zahra died at the age of 66 on May 8, 2022. His cause of death is given as stroke. According to sources, he has been diagnosed with stroke for some time now.

Who Was Peter Zahra?

Peter Zahra,s actual date of birth is not given. He was born in Sydney.

There is no information about his early life, parents, or siblings.

He is known to be married but there is no information on his wife and kids.

Peter has been known to be a judge for over 15 years. He has ruled on several high-profile cases including the case of Robert Hughes from Hey Dad.

Before his death, he was the presiding Judge of the NSW District Court. He was also overseeing the embezzlement case of Guy Sebastian’s former manager.

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