The well-known pastor of East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, Ronald Mouton Sr., was killed on June 24. DeShawn Longmire, a 23-year-old Uber driver, was charged with his murder on Friday.

The murder, according to People News, was the result of a road rage incident. While sitting at a stoplight in their autos, DeShawn Longmire and Ronald Mouton Sr. allegedly got into an altercation. Authorities believe Longmire fired at Mouton before driving away. The 58-year-old priest suddenly away there.

On Friday, DeShawn Longmire was taken into custody by Houston police, and on Friday, he was formally charged with murder. He is being held by the authorities at the Harris County Jail.

Ronald Mouton Sr. was shot.

According to the police record, DeShawn Longmire got into a confrontation with Ronald Mouton Sr. at a stoplight while operating a black Honda sedan for Uber. Mouton was operating a white BMW at the time. There were no passengers in any of the male drivers’ vehicles.

According to the police report, neither of the males knew the other before the incident. Authorities believe that during a quarrel, DeShawn Longmire took a pistol, shot Ronald Mouton Sr., who later crashed his car, and killed him.

Up until Friday following the incident, nobody knew who had shot. Throughout the investigation, Texas legislator Sheila Jackson Lee and Crime Stoppers of Houston issued a public statement announcing a reward for information leading to the arrest of the shooter responsible for Mouton’s death.

The inquiry revealed that Longmire was there when the gunshot was fired, making him the primary suspect in the murder.

In her statement, Lee, who was acquainted with Mouton, described him as a dedicated pastor who had spent three decades leading East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church.

The incident led to the passing of Mouton, which was lamented by his family.

According to People News, DeShawn Longmire has not yet filed a plea. He is currently being held in the Harris County Jail on a $500k bond.

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