Susan Jacks (born Susan Pesklevits; August 19, 1948 – April 25, 2022) was a singer, songwriter, and record producer from Canada.

Susan Jacks Death Cause

Susan Jacks, a member of the recording group The Poppy Family with her husband Terry Jacks, died of kidney disease on Monday (April 25). She was 73 years old at the time.

Susan Pesklevits was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to an eight-child family, and relocated to British Columbia when she was nine years old. She began her career at the age of 15, when she appeared on the Canadian television show Music Hop. She married Terry Jacks in 1967, when she was 19 years old, after asking him to accompany her on guitar for an upcoming performance. They began performing under the name Powerline, and Craig McCaw was brought in to play lead guitar. Satwant Singh joined the ensemble on tablas, and they changed their name to The Poppy Family.

“Which Way You Goin’ Billy?” was a hit in the United States and the United Kingdom, reaching No. 1 on the Cash Box list and No. 2 on the Billboard chart. Other top ten hits in Canada were recorded by the group.

After dropping the Poppy Family moniker in 1972, Jacks went on to record solo recordings. In 1973, Jacks and Terry divorced. I Thought of You Again, her first solo album, was released in 1973 and received a JUNO nomination for Canadian Female Vocalist of the Year. Her singles “Anna Marie,” “All the Tea in China,” and “Another Woman’s Man” all got JUNO nominations. In June 2010, Jacks was inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame.

In 1980, she met Ted Dushinski, a member of the Canadian Football League. They married, settled in Nashville, and started a family. After Dushinski was diagnosed with lung cancer and died in 2005, Jacks and her family returned to Canada in 2004. Jacks was diagnosed with kidney illness once she returned to Canada and had a transplant from her brother Billy in 2010.

Her husband, Ted Dushinski, died before her, and she is survived by her son, Thad.

Following the news of her death, Terry and others took to social media to express their grief.

Who was Susan Jacks and what was her cause of death? Canadian singer-songwriter died at 73

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