Bobby Rydell has left enough impact on music worldwide since he cemented a name for himself as one of the biggest American Singers ever.

If there’s a debate over what made him known very well in the music space, the song Wild One won’t be left out of the talk.

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But then is he truly the original owner of the popular song Wild One? We would find out that now in this Article.

Who was the original singer of Wild One?

“Wild One” is a song that about four people put heads together to come out with.

It was written by Dave Appell, Kal Mann, and Bernie Lowe, Session drummer Gary Chester played on on it while Bobby Rydell delivered the singing, which was released as a single in 1960.

Did Bobby Rydell Sing Wild One?


Bobby Rydell Sang Wild One, a Rock and Roll Genre that dominated charts in the 1960s.

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