Keisha Morris is the first wife of Tupac Shakur. She is 38 years old, caramel-complected, and is preparing for a photo shoot with XXL in New York City.

She has not given interviews since Tupac’s death in 1996. She says she felt unfairly depicted in the movie Tupac: Resurrection. However, she does not want to be forgotten.

The former rapper married Keisha Morris in 1995, when he was locked up. His body double was someone else. In the years before his death, Keisha Morris helped educate the youth in the music industry, but she did not want to be featured in the biopic All Eyez on Me. She was close to Tupac until he was murdered, and she is not pleased with how she was portrayed in the film.

Keisha Morris met Tupac at a nightclub in 1994. They were married in October 1995 and separated shortly after. Their relationship lasted for several years, and Tupac met Ayanna Jackson while serving time in prison for rape.

He had to pay for the expenses of Keisha’s legal and medical care, so he asked her to handle the business while he was in jail. While he was incarcerated, he hoped it would be easier for him to marry Keisha.

During their relationship, they exchanged expensive gifts, and even bought a BMW for her after she crashed one of his cars.

While Keisha Morris and Tupac were never married, they were friends for many years before Tupac’s death. Their children have grown up, and they did not discuss their former relationships.

Who Was Tupac's Ex Wife?
Who Was Tupac’s Ex Wife? image source Empire BBK

They were close friends until the rapper’s death in 1996. The relationship ended because of her own choices. They remained close until his death. In fact, Keisha and the late rapper were still friends and have not divorced.

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