Ayman Al-Zawahiri was married four times. At the time of his death, Only three of his wives were alive.

Not much information is known about the wive of al-Zawahiri. His first wife is known to be Azza Ahmed. Umaima Hassan was also the name of one of Ayman’s wives. The identity ty of the rest is not known.

Ayman’s first wife, Azza, was killed in an airstrike in Afghanistan by US forces in December 2001. The couple had been married for 23 years (1978-2001).

No information is known regarding the lives of the wives of Ayman. They like to live in [private and out of the public’s eye.

Ayman had seven children from his four marriages. He had five daughters and only one son. His only son, Mohammed, and one of his daughters, Aisha, were also killed in the airstrike in December 2001.

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