Maree Schwarz and Merv Schwarz, two shooting victims from the same family, sadly passed away.

The media named Maree Schwarz, Merv Schwarz, and Maree’s son Graham Tighe as the victims of the shooting on Thursday.

The matter is currently being investigated by the police. They further claimed that the family had been invited to the incident site.

There was a rifle there that was found by the police, but it is still unclear who brought it. Nevertheless, three people passed away, and a fourth was airlifted to a hospital.

Victims of the Bogie, Queensland, shooting, Maree Schwarz and Merv Schwarz

The Queensland shooting at Bogie claimed the lives of three people, including the two Schwarz brothers. They resided there for less than a year, near Collinsville and northwest of the Mackay property.

Superintendent Tom Armitt of the Mackay District of the Queensland Police said they had received an offer to visit. The deceased family had been invited to talk about the ongoing dispute by a long-time neighbor.

Although a gun was found in a meeting, the police couldn’t say for sure whether the slain family had weapons.

Who Are the Other Victims Besides Maree Schwarz and Merv Schwarz?

Super Armitt said that the victims were in “serious danger,” recognizing the bravery of the first officers to arrive at the scene.

Maree and Merv, a farming couple, lived in a rural area of Australia with their family. The catastrophe occurred at nine in the morning in the little mining town of Bogie in North Queensland.

The long-term pair also just celebrated the birth of their grandson, who was born 18 months ago. Investigations continue into the grisly death of a farm family.

Maree Schwarz and Merv Schwarz’s son, Graham Tighe, also died at the scene after being shot. However, the fourth victim reported that their younger son had managed to flee and had asked for help.

He had a bullet wound to his body, so the staff took him right away to the McKay Hospital. According to the officer’s most recent report, he has been undergoing surgery, which is why he is currently in the intensive care unit.

All of the victims were members of the same agricultural family, who were close to Bogie at the time of the incident. The terrible catastrophe claimed the lives of three people, and the lone survivor is receiving all necessary care.

Who is the person suspected of shooting Merv and Maree Schwarz?

The police have taken a 59-year-old man in custody as a possible shooting suspect. He is one of the three guys being detained by the police.

The alleged gunman or the individual who was detained had lived in the area for a very long time. A thorough investigation into this situation would be followed by the filing of criminal charges.

Officials from the police department currently hold that the tragedy was mostly caused by a land dispute. The night before the incident, the victim couple and the family had a talk, and both parties agreed to meet the following morning.

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