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Who was Judy Tenuta?

Judy Tenuta is an American actress, comedian, and comedic musician. She was well-known for her zany and outspoken theatrical persona, “The Love Goddess,” which combined insult comedy, observational humor, self-promotion, and lewd onstage antics.

Tenuta had a small but devoted fan base throughout the course of her career, notably among LGBTQ people.

Tenuta won two Grammy nominations for “Best Comedy Album” and wrote two comedic novels.

One of nine siblings, Tenuta was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on November 7, 1949,[a] into a Roman Catholic family to a Polish mother, Joann, and an Italian father, Caesar.

 She grew up in a staunchly Irish-Catholic neighborhood, graduating from Immaculate Heart of Mary High School in Westchester, Illinois and attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where she majored in theater.

Her interest in comedy began when she took an improv comedy class with the Chicago improv group The Second City and shortly after she started opening for other comedians in Chicago.

Tenuta died in Studio City, California, on October 6, 2022, at the age of 72, from ovarian cancer.

Who will inherit Judy Tenuta’s fortune?

Judy Tenuta was close to her family and they will inherit her fortune after her death.

Judy Tenuta is an American actress, comedian, author, and producer who has a net worth of $4 million.

Judy Tenuta supports Gay rights

Tenuta had a devoted following in the LGBT community and was a vocal supporter of gay rights. Before she passed away, Tenuta continued to sing at Gay Pride festivals and events across the nation after beginning her career by routinely appearing at gay pubs and clubs in the Chicago area. Tenuta said that she has always felt accepted and welcome in the lesbian community. She even said on her official website that she would be happy to officiate same-sex weddings. 

Judy Tenuta cause of death

Tenuta died Thursday afternoon at home in Los Angeles, with her family around her, publicist Roger Neal told The Associated Press. The cause of death was ovarian cancer.


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