Who Wrote Jack Reacher? Jack Reacher is a fictional character in a series of novels, novellas, and short stories by British authors Jim Grant and Lee Child. He is an assassin who works in the United States for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The first novel, The Unknown Soldier, was published in 1999. It was a commercial success and garnered the attention of fans. The second, The Assassin’s Blade, came out two years later.

Lee Child was born in 1953 and began his literary career relatively late in life. He has sold over 100 million books and has starred in two feature films. He is currently preparing a TV series based on the Jack Reacher novels, and he is working on a new adaptation of the first novel.

His work on the Jack Reacher series has also been adapted into a television series for Amazon Prime. He has written seven books so far, and his next novel will have a cover reading “Lee Child with Andrew Child.”

Jack Reacher’s grandfather, Laurent Moutier, was a furniture restorer in Paris. He volunteered for the French Army when he was thirty years old and fought at Verdun and The Somme in World War II. Later, he became a woodworker and made wooden legs for the wounded veterans.

Moutier lived in Paris until his death at 90 years old. The author met his grandfather three times as a child, and he was an inspiration to the character.

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