The last name of Patricia Arquette is Patricia Arquette. She married David Arthur Arquette in the year 2000, while the rest of the cast used their maiden names. It was also in the year 2000 that Courteney Cox married Arquette. The couple has been together for over five years and have three children. The wedding ceremony in Las Vegas took place in front of the cast and guests of the show. The ceremony takes place every six months.

The couple got married in 2002, and they later divorced. As a way to get back together, Rachel and Ross were drunk and decided to get married. Monica and Chandler were looking for signs, and after their night together, they were ready to move in together. However, the wedding plans were derailed when Joey picked up a hitchhiker. Luckily, they struck up a friendship and made up. After the ceremony, the two decided to move in together. This new couple has two daughters, Phoebe and Joey.

While the cast of Friends did not choose to work with Arquette, the reunion of the cast has been a long-time dream for the fans. In the season 6 premiere episode, titled “The One After Vegas,” the cast continued the plot from the season five finale, and Rachel and Ross were drunk and kissing. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler were getting married, and Joey and Phoebe were driving back to New York. As part of the season’s closing credits, a recurring character, David Arquette, was introduced as the last name of the couple.

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