In Episode 7 of season 7 of The Masked Singer, Judge Ken Jeong left the set.

this happened after a participant was eliminated and unmasked.

In the latest episode of the masked singer(episode 7), some new contestants were introduced to the show. They included baby mammoth, The Prince, and Jack in the Boss.

The performance of Jack in the Box was not impressive and he was eliminated. As per the show rules, he was unmasked to reveal his identity and he turned out to beRudy Guiliani, former New York City mayor.

When Jack in the Box was unmasked, none of the judges looked thrilled. Ken Jeong looked annoyed the entire time Rudy Giuliani was on stage, and Robin Thicke couldn’t hide his disappointment either.

Why Did Ken Jeong Walk Off The Masked Singer?

Ken Jeong walked off the stage because of the presence of Rudy Guiliani. he was annoyed by the site of him.

After the unmasking, Giuliani was given the floor to perform without his mask on. Jeon was heard saying “I’m done” before walking off the stage when Rudy started singing.

Robin Thicke is also reported to have walked off the set, but it was not shown on camera.

Rudy Guiliani is a known controversial politician. He was involved in Donald Trump’s controversies.

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