Thomas Chance Morris, better known online as Sodapoppin, is a Twitch streamer and Internet personality from the United States. With over 3 million followers and over 360 million views on Twitch, he has one of the greatest audiences.

Why did Sodapoppin get banned from Twitch?

Twitch has issued a ban to Chance “Sodapoppin” Morri. Despite the fact that the platform has not said why the streamer was suspended, supporters believe it has something to do with his recent ‘blackface’ statements.
Twitch has been harshly penalizing content providers who disobey its rules more than ever before. Whether it’s because of DMCA violations or for more startling causes.

For example, after being permanently banned for his horrible sexist outburst towards a fellow streamer, Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins ignited uproar on Twitter. However, some more contentious bans have prompted content creators and their fans to criticize Twitch, such as when over 200 Middle Eastern streamers were suspended at the same time for no apparent reason.

Sodapoppin is the most recent Twitch streamer to receive an unexpected ban. Fans have been forced to wonder as to why, as neither he nor the streaming provider have provided an explanation.

When did Sodapoppin get his Twitch banning?

Fans of Sodapoppin were shocked to find on April 14 that the streamer had been banned from Twitch without explanation. Fans, on the other hand, were quick to point out that it could be because he made some controversial comments on his April 9 livestream. Sodapoppin was playing a typical face modification game when he added ‘blackface’ cosmetics to the character in one clip from the stream.

Following reaction from viewers, Soda rushed to Reddit to apologize for his conduct, claiming that he was only trying to make the character’s face look like “a potato” before realizing that he had “unknowingly” put blackface on him. The streamer confessed: “In retrospect, I realize how it’s similar to extreme blackface. I didn’t want for it to come across as racist, but it was just me being naive and not understanding how the mouth relates to the skin, etc.”

For how long has Sodapoppin been banned?

Sodapoppin’s new suspension is the second time the broadcaster has been kicked from Twitch for using nudity during his VRChat stream. He was back up and running on the platform about 24 hours later. His second suspension, though, is scheduled to last three to seven days.

As of this writing, fans have yet to hear from Soda regarding the prohibition. However, because the suspension doesn’t appear to be indefinite, it’s probable that Sodapoppin will address the controversy when he returns.

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