RAPPER Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, who famously goes by the stage name Cardi B, is known for her candid lyrics and big personality.

She made news in January 2022 when it was discovered that she “truly, really” wanted a facial tattoo.

Why Does Cardi B Want A Face Tattoo?
Why Does Cardi B Want A Face Tattoo? Image source: Pinkvilla

Why does Cardi B want a face tattoo?

Cardi B and her husband, Offset, had their second child, a baby boy, in September 2021.
Although the name of her newborn boy is unclear at this moment, she is said to desire his name tattooed on her face.
“Random, but I’m 1% away from tattling my son’s name on my face. I really, really want to do it!” On January 17, the “WAP” rapper tweeted.
She subsequently added, “I want mine on my jaw.”
The rapper’s latest tattoo decision comes a year after she told fans she was “thankful” she didn’t have any tattoos on her face when she was a teenager.
She wrote in 2021, “Every day I’m grateful that [I] don’t have this facial tattoo I wanted when I was 16,” adding that she had originally wanted “tiny stars from the top of my eyebrow whirling down to my chin.”

Does Cardi B have tattoos?

While Cardi doesn’t have any tattoos on her face, she does have tattoos on her body.
Cardi B revealed her coverup tattoo of a butterfly on her neck on Twitter in June 2020. She used to go by the name “Samuel” in the same place.
She also has the “I love you” hand sign, a red star behind her right ear, and a floral piece that runs from her left thigh all the way up her back inked on her.
According to reports, it took over 60 hours to finish one item.
Cardi also has a large peacock tattoo on her right side that runs from her mid-thigh to her lower back.
Aside from that, there are a few more tattoos to consider:
Her wrist is tattooed with “Belkis,” an abbreviated form of her true name.
Her leg is tattooed with the word “Offset.”
Her arm also has the word “Hennessey” tattooed on it.

What have people said about Cardi’s tweet?

Many admirers raced to the comments section when Cardi tweeted that she wanted a facial tattoo, and some were spotted praising her choice.
I recently got a tat on my face…
Just go for it, “one user said on Twitter.

“You’re Cardi B, you can do basically whatever you want,” another said.
Despite the outpouring of support, several fans pleaded with the actress not to have a tattoo on her face.
One person remarked, “Wait till the guy is grown and you start having huge disputes with him and you’re so upset at him that you’re always staring in the mirror wondering why in the world did I tattoo this child’s name on my face.”
Another admirer remarked, “Not a smart move, queen.”

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