Hotel Transylvania 4 long-awaited release is out, however, there is one cast member who is missing.

While the spooky cast will return in a full-on way, Adam Sandler did not make a return to the series in the role of voice actor for Dracula as well as in his prior job as executive producer.

Why isn’t Adam Sandler in Hotel Transylvania 4?

Sony made it clear in their announcement in April of 2021 Sandler will not be returning in the role of Dracula for the fourth movie.

Why Is Adam Sandler Not In Hotel Transylvania 4?
Why Is Adam Sandler Not In Hotel Transylvania 4? Image Source: Newsweek

Sandler was executive producer of the initial three films, however, Sandler has since completely walked out of the series.

While Sandler hasn’t commented about his reasons for quitting his Hotel Transylvania films, he has reportedly signed a deal worth $250 million to Netflix at the end of July.

The deal that has been negotiated will force him to create a film for Netflix and, according to reports, could force the director off from Sony Pictures, his previous home.

As of January 20, 2022, Sony Pictures has not confirmed the reason Sandler quit the franchise.

Who will replace Adam Sandler as the voice of Dracula?

Brian Hull has replaced franchise star Adam Sandler as the voice of Dracula.

Hull has previous experience in the role, as she played his character for the short feature film Monster Pets.

Director Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon have said in an interview with Radio Times in the United Kingdom. Radio Times that the film’s plot enabled them to alter the actors.

Drymon stated, “The fact that he changes into a human being was an opportunity to perform things in a different way. He might be a bit different from the characters in the films and it’s normal.

“So, it kind of was the perfect movie to have a person come in and fill those shoes.”

Kluska said, “We started with the concept, and then how can make the character appear as distinct as we can. He’s not going animation exactly the same, and he’s certainly not going to appear identical.

“And it felt like embracing Brian and, more specifically, embracing what the difference in that would be as a human. It felt like it was a great opportunity.”

Where can I find Hotel Transylvania 4?

Hotel Transylvania 4 was originally meant for release in cinemas, but due to the pandemic Covid-19 as well as the new Omicron variation, Sony Pictures decided to let it play in the convenience of your own home.

The fourth episode in the series was only available accessible on Amazon Prime on the morning of January 14.

The film is accessible to everyone who has an Amazon Prime subscription or a trial offer.

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