A Google Doodle is a special, temporary change to the logo on Google’s homepages that are designed to recognize holidays, events, accomplishments, and historical personalities.

The first Google Doodle commemorated the 1998 edition of the long-running annual Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada, and was created by co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to warn users of their absence in the event that the servers collapsed.

Initially, Doodles were neither animated nor hyperlinked—they were simply images. In January 2010 the first animated Doodle honored Sir Isaac Newton.

By 2019, the “Doodlers” team had created over 4,000 doodles for Google’s homepages around the world.

Why Is Google Doodle Celebrating Irene Bernasconi?

According to Google, Irene is “Argentina’s first echinoderm specialist, who spent more than 50 years studying sea stars and other marine creatures” and that is why they are celebrating her.

In their Doodle animation, they wrote, “Not all stars are in the sky. Today’s #GoogleDoodle celebrates the life of Irene Bernasconi, the first Argentine woman to lead a marine biology expedition in Antarctica. Her specialty was sea stars”.

Who Is Irene Bernasconi?

Irene Bernasconi was an Argentine marine biologist specializing in echinoderm research and best known for her work in the Antarctic.

Irene was born on 29 September 1896 in La Plata, Argentina. She died at the age of 92 on 7 July 1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She was the first echinoderm specialist in Argentina and spent 55 years conducting research into echinoderms found in the Argentine Sea.

Her main focus was sea stars; however, she also conducted research into brittle stars and sea urchins.


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