American singer Kodak Black made an appearance at the Florida Panthers hockey game and was trending shortly following.

The situation became a bit bizarre following the NHL featured his presence at the game. A lot of supporters have since accused him of being sexually explicit in the public.

What is the reason Kodak Black during the Panthers game popular?

On the 11th of January, 2022 Kodak Black, real-named Bill Kahan Kapri, was present in the Panther’s 5-2 victory against Vancouver. Vancouver Canucks.

In the third quarter, the Twitter user and season ticket owner @David954FLA recorded the rapper as well as an unidentified woman allegedly engaging in sexual arousal at the arena.

Why Is Kodak Black At The Panthers Game Trending?
Why Is Kodak Black At The Panthers Game Trending? Image source: MEAWW

It is later verified by the Twitter account @David954FLA who was the one who posted the video which became viral, that they weren’t having sexual relations and that they were simply dancing.

“George I took the original video and I know they weren’t having sex lol,” @David954FLA tweeted while responding on Florida Hockey Now’s George Richards.

After the match, Kodak also posted a video of the supposed sex action in the caption on Instagram along with the tagline “Fly Lifestyle,” confirming the fact that the two were not dancing.

What are the opinions of fans on the film?

The video has been watched more than a 4.2million times with numerous users chiming in on the claims.

“Kodak Black brought his own entertainment to the Panthers game,” Barstool Sports tweeted.

Paul Bissonnette, a retired hockey player, later joked “Spoke to a few team representatives from the Panthers and apparently the young lady in Kodak’s box lost a contact lens and he was kind enough to help her look for it.”

He added later, “The Panthers have moved Kodak Black to LTIR after being diagnosed with a severe case of blue balls. Expect him to be reevaluated in the cumming weeks.”

Others posted GIFs to show their reaction.

Is Kodak Black involved in a relationship?

In the early 2021s, Kodak got engaged to his fellow musician Melody Faith, who goes under the stage name of Mellow Rackz after he hired the plane that had an inscription that reads, “Might as well marry me, Melody. I love you.”

In spite of a proposal, he then was again in the news in September 2021 after the lawyer for him, Bradford Cohen, confirmed to TMZ that he was expecting a baby along with the real estate representative Maranda Johnson.

At the moment, it is uncertain the possibility that Kodak, as well as Maranda, are in a relationship as Kodak was seen together with Mellow during the hockey game.

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