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Why is Shatta Wale considered the Dancehall King in Africa

Ghanaian Musician, Shatta Wale has cemented his name and considered as King of the Dancehall genre when it comes to Music in Africa. however there are questions about how he earned the Status and that is what we will be talking about now.

Africa is one of the talent hubs of Music in the world and even though the continent produces more of Afrobeat acts, Dancehall is not one that you can look down on in Africa.

With a great Partnership with with most of the Jamaican artists, where the genre itself originated from, The Ghana has successfully established itself as the main music industry you can find Dancehall so interesting with some big names known worldwide for recording the genre.

For almost a decade now, Dancehall has arguably been dominated by two Ghanaian heavyweights, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale and that sparked the debate over who is the King in the continent.

While the two engaged each other in a fierce competition, Shatta Wale pull a smart one on the entire world in 2014 that got him the status of ‘African Dancehall King’.

Shatta Wale when the debate is getting more intense hit the studio to drop a song titled Dancehall King which became a street banger taking over music playlists all over the world.

In the song, The musician send a clear message to the masses out there that he is in control of Dancehall things in the continent and even made that more clearer with an accompanying video where he was dressed with a crown looking like a real King.

Just days after the song was released, He got the nickname Dancehall King which is now recognized by any search engine to the extent that the moment you type Dance King and hit your search button, Shatta Wale pops up.

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