TikTok is a gold mine of entertaining content, as those addicted to the social media platform know all too well. Everything from gorgeous infant animals to information on niche issues to hilariously shareable sketches can be found in bite-sized videos. It can also provide you answers to questions you’ve never considered before, such as: Why is the penis mushroom shaped? Yes, it’s true.


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The key words “penis mushroom shaped” began trending on Google in April 2022, seemingly out of nowhere. We figured out why hordes of people were suddenly so interested in the form of a human penis — as well as the real answer to the question — after doing some investigating.

Why is the penis shaped like a mushroom?

The mushroom shape is due to a single factor: competition for impregnation. To put it another way, human penises are mushroom-shaped so they can scoop out rivals’ sperm. Their sperm has a better chance of fertilizing an egg this way.

But don’t take our word for it; the form of the human penis has been researched by experts.

Professor Gordon Gallup of the State University of New York led a study in 2003 that achieved just that.

“The human penis, which has a larger glans and more pronounced coronal ridge than many other primates,” according to the study, “may operate to displace seminal fluid from competing males in the vagina by driving it back over/under the glans.” It goes on like this:

“The result of repeated thrusting during intercourse would be to draw out and displace foreign semen away from the cervix. As a result, if a female copulated with multiple males in a short amount of time, following males would be able to’scoop out’ semen deposited by others before ejaculating.”

The penis is mushroom-shaped to eliminate competing semen from the vaginal canal before to ejaculation, providing the man a better chance of conceiving. It’s all about science, baby.

Okay, so why is ‘penis mushroom shaped’ on Google’s trending list?

All of this is nice and good, but why are so many people interested in the shape of a human penis in connection to a tasty fungus? As with many trendy subjects in the year 2022, it all started on TikTok.

A user named Seth Bob uploaded one TikTok video, which has received over 1.2 million views so far. It begins with a stitched video that reads, “Have you ever Googled why the tip of the penis is mushroom shaped?” and sick emoji looks. That’s when Seth steps in to show them how it’s done. (Don’t worry: His explanation is devoid of nuance while still providing a fantastic image for those with an inquisitive mind.)

Seth’s video text reads, “Decided to Google it and demonstrate for y’all,” as he grabs a pipe and inserts it into a coil filled with a white liquid. “When you’re batting second, evolution has given you a chance. The old has to go, and the new has to come in.”

The comments section is also quite amusing. “As disgusting as that is, it’s absolutely incredible that it’s true,” one TikTok user exclaimed.

Another person added his two cents: “Yes, indeed! This is something I learned in high school. It’s a case of “survival of the fittest.””

Someone another remarked, “My spouse has been battling himself for quite some time now.”

If you scroll long enough, you could even learn something about the penises of other species. Another person added, “Dragonflies are much more aggressive with it and have’scrubbers’ that perform the same job.”

Seth responded by saying, “I’ll need to do some research on it as well. Are you familiar with cats and their barbs? Now I do.”

And now you’re aware of it as well.

Why is the tip mushroom shaped?

All kinds of strange Google search trends are starting… all the time.

In April, 2022, one popped out in particular, the phrase: ‘penis mushroom shaped’.

The spike in interest appears to have been the result of a TikTok user alluding to the answer to this question that can be found online.

It led people to search why penises are typically shaped this way, but many were left regretting the decision.

One Twitter user wrote: “So tiktok made me Google “why is the tip of a penis mushroom shaped” now I wish I hadn’t bothered.”

Another said: “Please don’t Google why is the tip of a man’s penis mushroom shaped…. Just don’t, not knowing Is better… trust me.”

Are there other shapes of a penis?

There’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ penis shape.

There’s huge variety in terms of their appearance, and none should be considered to be either abnormal or normal.

Talking about these parts of your body isn’t always easy, and GP Dr Philippa Kaye has revealed the answer to four penis health questions people might be embarrassed to ask.

Always remember that sexual health is important, and health professionals are comfortable treating issues affecting any part of your body.

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