The actor and star of the DC Comics series “The Flash” have been arrested in Hawaii on disorderly conduct charges. Police responded to a bar where the actress was singing karaoke and noticed her behavior was disorderly. They immediately called South Hilo patrol officers, who then detained the star and released her on bail. However, the Hollywood Reporter reports that she is unsure whether she will be charged with any crime.

It is unclear whether the incident will lead to any criminal charges, but the actor was charged with harassment and disorderly conduct. The flash actor was released on bail after posting a bond of $500. The actor has had a very busy schedule lately, completing filming for the movie “The Flash” in late December. The movie is scheduled to be released in 2023. While the arrest was embarrassing for the actor, it is a positive development for the superhero community.

The incident occurred in Hilo on Sunday night. The police say that the Flash actor was agitated during karaoke. He allegedly grabbed a microphone from a woman and lunged at another man playing darts. The bar owner later asked him to calm down and call law enforcement, but he refused to do so. The arrest has since been cleared. He is free to travel.

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