Jane Fogel, a teacher and the wife of Marc Fogel, asks for help after being detained in Russia.

Marc Fogel, 61, was arrested in Russia on marijuana possession charges despite having only 17 grams on him. Fogel, a teacher by profession, was given a 14-year prison term by the Russian high-security prison colony.

Fogel’s family in America is begging the US government to help because he is elderly and already dealing with a number of health issues. A Change.org petition has been started by the family, and they are trying to collect as many signatures as they can.

The Fogel family has also started a letter-writing campaign. In letters to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, several of Marc’s former employers and classmates implore him to return home.

Jane Fogel, the wife of a teacher detained in Russia, requests help.

The family of Marc Fogel, an Oakmont resident who is currently detained in Russia facing a lengthy prison term, is pleading with US officials to free their loved one.

The family of Fogel believes that the US government should do all possible to assist. Members of the family include Mark Fogel’s niece Sarah Jane Grubbs and his wife Jane Fogel. In order for her husband to rejoin the family, Jane petitions the government of the nation.

The only thing Grubbs wants is for her uncle to come to Oakmont. Mark and Jane’s other niece, Ellen Keelan, thinks he won’t be able to survive because of his age and condition. According to Grubbs and Keelan, the family hasn’t spoken to or seen him in 348 days.

Sasha Philips, a criminal defense attorney, asserted that although Marc Fogel’s Russian counsel filed an appeal and would soon bring it to the court, they have no reason to anticipate that it will result in a reduction in his sentence because they see it as being politically motivated.

According to the family, they occasionally correspond through filtered, translated letters that frequently lack context.

What Charges Does Marc Fogel Face? Does he plan to leave?

After their tenth and final year of teaching in Russia, Fogel and his wife Jane boarded a flight home on August 14, 2021, but Marc Fogel was held at the Moscow airport.

According to his relatives, Fogel packed 17 grams of cannabis to treat his chronic back pain. He was convicted of trafficking and possessing cocaine there last month. He received a 14-year sentence and was sent to a Russian high-security prison camp.

Grubbs stated, “We want to do all we can to get the message out there and implore our government to take the proper legal measures to bring him back to us.”

aged (Marc Fogel, Wikipedia)

Mark Fogel is 61 years old. Where Marc grew up was in Butler. He enjoys traveling and is dedicated to working with children everywhere.

According to Keelan’s claim in her statement, it is what would lead to her including him in negotiations, trades, and other matters. Since his life is just as valuable as everyone else’s, he ought to be preserved.

According to Keelan, the family is begging the Biden administration to proclaim Fogel to be unjustly detained, which would launch official diplomatic attempts to secure his release.

According to her, it even goes beyond the punishments meted out by Russian courts to large drug traffickers and murderers. This penalty is shockingly out of proportion to the penalties handed down by Russian courts in situations involving comparable amounts of marijuana.

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