Elon Musk has been aiming to colonize Mars ever since he founded SpaceX. In 2002, he may have thought Mars was far away, but the company has expanded enormously since then and now has the capability to reach the red planet. According to Musk, the first crewed mission to Mars is projected for 2029. So what will it take to get there? And will Elon Musk go to Mars?

A self-sustaining city on Mars is one of Musk’s long-term goals. He wants to build a planet with enough land for one million people. In the future, that city could be self-sustaining and could support one million people. Musk hopes to transform humanity into a multi-planet species. Musk’s ambitious plans could keep him alive for the next three decades. But if he is not successful, it’s just an insurance policy.

Musk has stated that establishing a settlement on Mars is essential for the survival of the human species. He has also proposed an aggressive timeline, 2026. In the meantime, he’s developing a massive reusable rocket. This rocket is the most complicated rocket ever built. Once it’s approved, Musk plans to launch the first settlers to Mars. The newest model is expected to land in May 2022, although the timeline has been delayed multiple times.

Will Musk’s plan to colonize Mars is far from unrealistic. While a Mars base is a lofty goal, it may prove to be impractical for most humans. The goal of the SpaceX founder is to create a self-sustaining Mars city by 2050. While this may sound ambitious, it is surprisingly achievable – Musk said that it would take five years and ten orbital synchronizations. That would mean twenty-two years for a one million-person city. The deadline would be close to his age, which would mean that he’d be 79 years old by the time he decided to go to Mars.

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