Her Royal Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge is appointed the Dame Grand Cross from the Royal Victorian Order for assistance to the Sovereign. Kate Middleton could become Queen.

The above inscription was posted on the page of the Royal Family on Twitter. There was a time when rumours reported that queen Elizabeth is set to transfer the crown over to son Prince Charles within the next two years.

What do these pieces of information will mean for Kate Middleton? What will it mean for her current status as Duchess Cambridge?

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  • Will Kate Middleton Be Queen?
  • Is Kate Middleton a Royal?

Will Kate Middleton Be Queen?

At present, it’s not clear if Kate Middleton will become queen or not. However, the next developments suggest that she will be queen in the near future. possibility. The Queen has given Kate Middleton Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order – the highest honor that she is able to bestow. The award came as Kate celebrated her 8th wedding anniversary in marriage with Prince Williams.

If Prince Charles becomes King The Prince William will assume the reigns as his title as the prince of Wales. This will alter Kate’s story. Kate could be crowned Princess of Wales similar to the time they were Duchess and Duke and Duchess.

This will bring Prince William nearer his throne. If he is destined to become King in the near future and his wife Kate Middleton will be Queen consort. Kate Middleton will be crowned Queen since she is the spouse of a King in the throne.

Is Kate Middleton a Royal?

Kate Middleton was not born as a princess, so she isn’t a royal. However, her union with the Royal Family has affirmed her status as a queen. She could be a queen consort in the future when her husband becomes monarch. She may also be the Queen of England.

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