Priyanka Chopra is expected to return to Bollywood this year, playing lead roles in some movies. She has been building toward this for the past two decades. Having broke barriers in Hollywood, Priyanka is now on a mission to welcome others into the industry.

Previously, she acted in a handful of movies and is currently shooting for a sequel to ‘The Sky is Pink.’

After a brief hiatus from Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra signed a contract with CAA and filmed some movies with RedOne and Digital Spy. She recently released her first single, “Baby”, which was inspired by her life.

She aired the song on a popular Indian channel, Hindustan Times. Earlier in 2000, The Hindu published an article saying that Chopra had eyed the crown.

During an interview with Ranveer Singh, the actress mentioned that she is preparing for a Bollywood project. She said, “It’s almost happening!” when he asked her about it.

Several filmmakers are interested in working with her and it’s very possible that she will do a biopic on Rakesh Sharma. It’s hard to know what her next move will be.

While she is busy filming Cowboy Ninja Viking and The Last Rajah, Priyanka Chopra’s next step is a Hollywood film, with Chris Pratt in the lead role. She also has plans to produce two Bengali films and three regional films with female directors.

This includes movies about Maharashtrian-South Indian culture. It is unclear when she will return to the industry, but she’s sure to make a huge impact.

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