Withdraw the anti-LGBT bill immediately – Amnesty International warns Ghana

Even before an anti-LGBTQ+ bill was brought to Ghana’s Parliament, LGBTQI+ Ghanaians have been casualties of numerous human rights infringements.

The truth is that even if LGBTQ is legalized, the group will still remain the most vulnerable group in the Ghanaian society; much worse than before. Leave facebook/twitter and try speaking to people in your community about homosexuality or LGBTQ rights and you’ll see this truth; The aversion is just unmatched

In fact with religionists sex is a big deal with homosexuality being one of the gravest of all offenses. Its actually linked to their end time signs and they can be very aggressive towards it.

As an LGBTQ person living in Ghana, you are better off staying in secret as you’ve always been than urging for any kind of legal visibility within the jurisdiction; It will not augur well for your happiness and ultimately your mental health.

Amnesty International has instructed Ghana’s Parliament and administration to revoke the anti LGBTQ bill from deliberating the proposed Advancement of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021.

In a general declaration published on Monday, the human rights group asserted that the Bill infringes the tenets of equivalence and non-discrimination, the liberties to independence of expression, association, and privacy, and the ban of torment enshrined in Ghana’s 1992 Constitution and global human rights agreements approved by the country.

They wrote “At a time when other countries around the world, including Angola and Gabon, are lifting discriminatory laws targeting people for their real or perceived sexual orientation, Ghana must not go in the opposite direction,” the statement said.

The Ghanaian authorities are encouraged to protect equality and non-discrimination and other fundamental human rights of all people in Ghana”.

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