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Wonderful deliverance and accurate prophecies of TB Joshua

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Most men of God are celebrated but those of them who are able to grab all the headlines are those who replicate the wonders of Jesus Christ by performing wonderful healings as well as prophetic words that comes to pass.

This is exactly some of the many things The Late Christian Preacher, Temitope Balogun Joshua popularly known as TB Joshua is known worldwide for.

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After his sad demise yesterday 5th June, Let’s take a look at some of the Miracles he performed to heal the sicks and some of his popular prophecies that came to pass.

During church service, TB Joshua discovered some 3 people in the church Room that are Snakes in the form of human, they all went on to confess.

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A woman was suffering from stroke and couldn’t walk for many years, She said she has been through all the recommended health centers for treatment but couldn’t walk. She was brought to TB Joshua’s deliverance service and after few days of Intensive fasting and Prayer, the Women was able to walk again.

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Once TB Joshua was holding deliverance service for some Strong Occultist, they turned into Spiritual forms to battle him but he was able to overcome and break the bond they have with their respective occult groups.

In fact the Prophetic words of the Late man of God his Miracle performing moments are something we can’t list all today.

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Watch some of his deliverance moments during a church service below.


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