Yaser mentioned that the defendant took his children out to eat while pretending to kill them.

The Texas taxi motive force is accused of killing his two children because they were “too American.”

On Tuesday, the trial for a Texas father accused of killing his two daughters in 2008 while on the FBI’s most-wanted list and evading capture for the subsequent 12 years began. Yaser Abdel Mentioned, 65, is facing a capital homicide trial and, if found guilty, a life sentence without the possibility of release.

The lodgings of Amina, 18, and Sarah, 17, who had both been shot more than once, were found outside the Omni hotel in Irving inside their father’s taxi. Sarah called 911 just before she passed away and told the dispatcher, “My father shot me; help! I’m very, really doomed!

They had supposedly been murdered by Egyptian immigrant Mentioned because they were “too Americans.” His wife, Patricia Owens, previously revealed to Fox News that Mentioned became furious upon learning that his daughters were dating non-Muslim men. According to Owens, he allegedly said he didn’t want to lift “whores as daughters.” Following the deaths of her daughters, she requested a divorce.

On New Year’s Day, Mentioned allegedly took the women out with the intention of driving them to a nearby Lewisville, Texas restaurant, but instead drove them to Irving, Texas, where he is accused of killing them in his cab.

In court on Tuesday, the prosecutor, Lauren Black, stated that “this example is set by a person who is preoccupied about possession and equipment.” He “controlled what they did, who they talked to, who they might be friends with, and whether they had been allowed so far,” according to Black. And he had complete control over everything in his home.

Amina’s boyfriend testified in court that she “knew she was going to die” when she reluctantly returned to her hometown on New Year’s Eve after fleeing to Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her mother, sister, and their boyfriends. According to legend, she promised before she passed away that she would never again see him. On January 1, 2008, she went back home, and that evening she passed away.

Amina and Sarah’s bodies were found on January 1, 2008, inside their father’s taxi that was parked outside of an Irving hotel.

According to the prosecution, the girls and their mother left their neighborhood before Christmas in 2007 after their father put a gun to Amina’s head. According to Amina’s history teacher, the 18-year-old wrote to her about her plans to leave her home in an email, declaring, “He’s going to, without drama or hesitation, kill us.” She also requested that the instructor keep her plans a secret from the class until she had left home.

According to Black, though, Mentioned persuaded them to return home by seeming to have changed, in yet another instance of “regulate” and “manipulation” on his part. She said their father had intended to take only the two of them out to dinner on the night the sisters were shot. “Those had been two younger, vivacious younger ladies,” Black said. Common younger women looking for regular lifestyles

Sarah and their mother Patricia Owens decided to spend New Year’s Eve back in their hometown after moving to Tulsa. Amina returned with apprehension.

Mentioned expressed his frustration with his children’s “courting task” in a letter to the judge overseeing the case, but he denied murdering his kids. In his opening statement, defense attorney Joseph Patton claimed that the evidence could no longer strengthen a conviction, that Mentioned, who was born in Egypt, had received unfair police scrutiny, and that anti-Muslim prejudice may have played a role in that center of attention.

“The federal government must neither generalize or outlaw a complete culture for the sake of their story and their goal. Because Yaser is a Muslim, the government is looking for him in 2008, Patterson said.

According to his defense, no one will admit to seeing Mentioned on the criminal website, and authorities must have questioned Amina’s boyfriend or the mother of the ladies. “Amina and Sarah were last seen by them while they were still alive,” he said. Mentioned and both women were in his cab shortly before the shooting, according to Amina’s boyfriend, and he and his father swiftly followed them out of fury. Edgar Ruiz, Amina’s boyfriend, said, “She didn’t seem like she wanted to be there; her glance was one in all horror.”

Mentioned fled after the killings and was eventually located in 2020 about 30 miles from the place of the crime. His son Islam, who was 19 at the time, and his brother Yassein had both been busted for harboring wanted criminals. Yassein received a 12-year term, whereas Islam received a 10-year prison in the past.

Owens told the Dallas Morning Information that her girls had been considerate, anxious, artistic, loved everyone, and willing to help everyone following Mentioned’s arrest. They were two of the most exceptional young people on the globe, so what happened to them wasn’t fair.

More than 58 people, including the mothers of the women, local and federal investigators, and experts in Muslim tradition, are expected to be called to testify. The verdict also permitted the prosecution to tell the jury about claims that Mentioned had molested his own children; those allegations were eventually dismissed.

There is no chance that Mentioned will receive the death penalty. He would receive a life sentence with no chance of parole in the case where he had been found guilty of capital homicide.

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