Yolanda Denise was one of the most prominent African American activist and first-born child of Martin Luther King Jr. Her fame was due to her talent in the arts and entertainment and also her public speaking abilities. Her early years were greatly inspired by her father’s political activism. She passed away on May 15, 2007.

Was the root cause for Yolanda King’s demise?

The exact reason for her death has not been determined. But the circumstances of her death have led to conclusions regarding the cause of her death.

On May 15 2007 she informed her husband Dexter the fact that she felt exhausted. Being a very busy woman, her brother simply dismissed it as a part of her busy schedules.

 Soon after she fell unconscious in Santa Monica, home of the brother’s closest associate Philip Madison Jones. Any attempts to revive her failed. She passed away an hour later.

The family blamed her death to issues with cardiopulmonary circulation. This is the view accepted by a lot of medical professionals as well. The funeral was conducted in accordance of her wishes. At the time she passed away she was 51 years old. older.

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