You are damaging your intestine: Follower chides Fella Makafui for wearing Waist trainer

It didn’t use to matter but now the shape of women are a big deal when it comes to social media

As such many young women are doing the most to have the perfect shape even after childbirth.

From drinking teas to hitting the gym and using waist trainers, some even go an extra mile of going for liposuction surgery to have a perfect shape.

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Actress Fella Makafui is one of those naturally endowed ladies in Ghana but even with her she still use many products to enhance her shape.

The actress advertise for many products via her social media and she has been seen with waist trainers in many instances.

Her recent video advertising a waist trainer has made some followers to question if she’s rather not hurting herself with always bracing up her stomach with the waist trainer.

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A followers comments caught our attention, according to him, Fella Makafui is destroying her intestine with the waist trainer and should desist from using them.

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