You duped clients to pay us, I am fasting 21 days To cleanse myself; Naana Brown fires Agradaa

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Bob Marley once said “your worse enemy could be your best friend and your best friend, your worse enemy.”

When circumstances changes and the situation is no longer favorable to those you cherish, would they still be loyal or rather show their true colors. When close pals suddenly become enemies, who could have thought this day would come?

Former embattled Fetish priestess Nana Agradaa, now a convert to Christianity known as Evangelist Patricia was once a powerful business woman who employed people to work for her on TV stations. Naana Brown, was a host who also delivered her level best.

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Fast forward, this lady has come out with some serious allegation against her former Madam whom she described as a fraudster.

In a Facebook live post, she called Agradaa names and said that the ex fetish priestess duped people especially her customers, the poor and fatherless who had wanted double money.

Naana Brown opined “Agradaa claimed she didn’t have money to pay workers their salaries, so she resorted to duping unsuspecting victims.

I have been asked to fast for 21 days to cleanse myself and my family from any curse and bad omen which will befall me. This shows how ‘cruel’ Agradaa was to people. She has a heart of stone and shows no sympathy for anyone.”

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You can watch the video below

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