Young man weds his rice cooker as wife in a grand ceremony in Indonesia

Marriage is a beautiful union between a man and a woman as biologically defined from birth who have agreed to come together as husband and wife. From this definition, we realize that God is the engineer of the whole concept of marriage.

For this reason, marriage properly so called must be what God in his infallible word has so ordained it to be. Unfortunately, in our present day and time, we are bedeviled with many philosophies pertaining to marriage as an institution, but as Christians we are not to kowtow to these false teachings.

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It is this false teaching and too many rights and freedom which has warranted many of such bizarre happenings to occur in marriages just like what this Indonesian young man has done. Khoirul Anam, a guy who was preparing for marriage has done the unthinkable by getting marriage to a none living thing, a rice cooker.

This action of his recently made headlines and has generated a lot of discussions online. Images of the wedding ceremony were shared on Twitter and have since gone viral indicating the groom, Khoirul Anam who was in an all white apparel carrying up his “wife”, a rice cooker in his arm.

In fact, the beauty of marriage can only be seen and experienced when it is done within the biblical context which God has made. The sanctity of marriage requires that the persons who have consented to come together as husband and wife must do so with the fear of God as the basis of their marital union. We must therefore treat our spouses with the fear of God in mind at all material moments. 

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“Marriage is an avenue which provides the opportunity for a man and a woman to live together as husband and wife, share their vision, assist each other, raise children, and complement each other as two are better than one,” according to Ecclesiastes 4:9a.

His decision has raised numerous questions with many asking: how can he procreate with the rice cooker or have children who will call him daddy? Is he normal or suffering from any psychological problems? or he wants to become famous? He would be in the best of positions to answer.


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