The High court in Zimbabwe has authorized a newly married gay couple to be put under house arrest for 12 months and if by the end of the period none of them will be pregnant, the court further ordered a death penalty.

” The natural law is clear. Man was created and given the obligation to procreate. Marriage is the cornerstone and pilar to that noble duty. Our African values protects this natural law, and if we are to bend and allow such, we must first be shown that this new, western culture will uphold the natural law and continue procreation …”

Gayism will damage our society and the moral fibre will surely be destroyed by increasing STIs especially HIV/AIDs. This will put much pressure on our health revenue. Secondly, gayism will decrease birth rate in developing countries drastically and this will result in reduction in human resources eventually.

Hence potential low productivity and reduction in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), especially in developing countries that lack advanced technology to replace human resources.

Were our parents gays would they be able to give birth to us to be productive in Africa?
Human resource is a key to productivity in Ghana especially in the absence of advanced technology. If care is not taken our human resources will keep decreasing and gradually it will affect our productivity and  domestic growth.