Zion Felix alleged pregnant Italian woman changes her ring position indicating that she is in a confortable lead

An Instagram blogger Aba the Great has alleged a 3rd lady is pregnant for celebrity blogger Felix Adomako aka Zion Felix.

Recall weeks ago news broke that Zion was stuck between two pregnant women of which one was living outside Ghana.

According to sources, one Erica Amoa who is based in Italy came to Ghana with the aim of teaming up with Zion Felix as a blogger to help her promote her gospel music and her brand as a musician within the Ghanaian music space.

What should have been a professional relationship turned to bedmatics as the said Erica got down with Zion Felix a number of time which led her to taking seed.

Knowing the religious background she comes from, Eric allegedly through her family asked Zion Felix to come do the needful by doing what we call “Knocking” to claim responsibility for the pregnancy and follow up with marrying Erica which was never part of Zion Felix plans.

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Zion Felix was reported to have done just that at a time his Ghanaian based Girlfriend called Minalyn was also alleged to be heavily Pregnant for the celebrity blogger.

A viral video of Zion going to see the family of Eric reveals how the whole ceremony went like without the knowledge of Minalyn who was also right here in Ghana.

The whole issue got dragged on social media with Zion Felix going mute or reacting to the rumours.

To make matters worst, Zion Felix admitted in an interview that Sex is his favorite thing as he loves doing it very well.

His admission to being a love making freak further made people to connect the dot that truly the said rumours about he being stuck between two ladies could be true because for someone to have admits his hobby is doing the “distin” truly means once you cross his path, he will smack like you a wrestlemania champion

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On his 30th birthday, Minalyn the lady known by many as Zion Felix’s main chick took to Instagram to wished her man a happy birthday.

Moment later, she pulled down the post with stories having it that Erica Amoa who is based in Italy had also wished Zion Felix a happy birthday which angered Minalyn to pull down her post.

Zion Felix Italian girl
In all of these brouhaha, Aba the Great an Instagram blogger has yet again alleged Zion Felix is caught in the web of yet another pregnancy with a yet to be identified lady.

In the blogger’s post on Instagram, she shared a picture of Erica drawing the minds of her followers to something quite interesting which is about Erica interchanging the ring on her finger from the point of a “promise ring” to the other finger of “Engaged”

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In latest development to the brouhaha Erica Amoa the Italy based lady alleged to have been secretly married by Zion Felix because she got pregnant in their Amorous relationship seem to be in comfortable lead if her recent picture is anything to go by as she unveils a ring on her finger which depict she is engaged via-a-vis married.

A close look at her picture reveals she posing with her ring an indication that she might have dethroned Minalyn as the main chick to take over.

What is however not clear is whether or not Zion Felix will marry all three supposed women or he will bite the bullet and settle with Erica since she seem to be in a comfortable lead.

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