Zion Felix Apologize to his Two Pregnant Girlfriends and their families for the Shame he has brought to them.

Embattled Blogger Felix Adomako aka Zion Felix has sent some apology to Erica an Italy based lady he is alleged to have gotten Pregnant and married secretly and his other girlfriend Minalyn for all the drama they have to go through because of him.

In a video, Zion Felix said he is not going to explain what happened but he is just sorry for any stress all the brouhaha might have brought to the two ladies and their immediate families.

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He took turn to apologize to his followers and believers of the Zion Felix brand for all that has happened in the last few week and said he understands it comes with the Job.


Rumours has it that, one Erica Amoa a lady based in Italy traveled to Ghana to teamed up with Zion Felix to promote her music as a gospel artiste.

In the course of doing that,Erica and Zion exchanged professional relationship with an Amorous one which resulted in Erica getting Pregnant.

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Based on the religious home Erica comes from, Zion Felix was tasked by the family of Erica to marry her since he has gotten her pregnant.

The event if their married allegedly took place secretly unknown to Minalyn who ideally was or is the main chick of Zion Felix.

Eventually, alarm blew and the whole thing became a public knowledge.

Zion Felix was thus stuck between Minalyn and Erica but the drama was yet to be over.

Minalyn is also reported to be pregnant for Zion Felix.

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Since then, Zion Felix has been tight lips on the matter. On his birthday for instance a birthday message from Minalyn which was was shared on her Instagram page eventually got pulled down because Erica had also taken to her page to wish Zion Felix a Happy Birthday.

Sources said, when Minalyn found out from the onset about Erica, Zion gave her stories and denied anything if that sort.

The cat seem to be out of the bag and her comes an apology to high ladies.

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