Despite the fact that he was a teen, fans have not forgotten the heart of the sex sensation, and many are wondering what caused Zyzz’s demise.

Zyzz’s Cause of Death

Full Name Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian
Nationality Australian and Russian
Occupation Youtuber, Television producer, Exotic Dancer
Cause of Death Heart attack 
Zyzz’s Cause of Death

According to a recent report, the singer died in a sauna in Thailand, where he had taken performance-enhancing drugs. His body was found in a sauna and his cause of death was cardiac arrest.

However, there was no toxicology report released at the time of the rapper’s death, and a few theories have emerged in the past few years.

According to reports, Zyzz died of cardiac failure after getting a botched nose job in Thailand. The singer’s health was a concern, but it was the look that he valued the most.

As a bodybuilder, Zyzz had spent countless hours training and devoted himself to the art of bodybuilding. Despite the tragedy of his death, his popularity skyrocketed after his death.

Although the autopsy did not reveal any evidence that he took steroids, it is safe to say that the heart problem was the most likely cause of death.

The autopsy showed that Zyzz had a pre-existing heart problem, which may have contributed to his demise. It is not clear what triggered this pre-existing condition, but it was unlikely to be related to steroid use.

Since Zyzz had a history of heart problems, the alleged steroid abuse may have played a role in the singer’s death.

While it is difficult to know for sure what caused his sudden demise, it is possible that his appearance may have had something to do with his untimely passing.

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