A Look At The Real Life of Blood and Water Actress, Ama Qamata.

Ama Qamata was one of the leading characters in popular Netflix series, Blood and Water.

A Look At The Real Life of Blood and Water Actress, Ama Qamata.

The 22 years old young girl was known as Puleng Khumalo on the popular series on Netflix.

Not only on Netflix was Ama featured in a series but also played many starring roles in most South African TV series.

Quick Profile Summary of Ama Qamata.

Name: Ama Qamata

Age: 22 years old

Date of Birth: 2nd September, 1998

Place of Birth: Cala, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Nationality: South African

Education: Reddam House School, University of Cape Town

Occupation: Actress.

The South African TV star was born on September 2nd 1998, in Cala, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

She was brought up by her family in Johannesburg.

Ama attend Reddam House School and completed from high school in 2016.

She then furthered to the University of Cape Town to study Theatre and Performance but dropped out to focus on her acting career.

How She Got Interested In Acting Since Her Early Days.

Ama Qamata realized her talent in life at an early age when she started off as a child star.

She participated in drama in high school and was featured in the advertisement for Mac Donalds and Cheese Curls during her time.

However, started getting recognised in the movie industry after she was featured in the sitcom My Perfect Family, and played Naledi’s role in 2016.

Her outstanding performance as the lead role in ‘Gomoma’, got the attention of a producer who helped her got featured in the popular Netflix series, Blood and Water.

Her Relatable Character In Blood And Water.

Ama Qamata played the role of a teenager who lost her sister at birth.

The memorial of her supposed birthday celebration got her tired as she set out on a quest to find her lost sister.

Now, Puleng is trying to prove that a successful swimmer from a private school is actually her lost sister.

Ama Qamata played her character exceptional without doubt.

In 2020, she was awarded The Next Big Thing, alongside Witney Ramabulana at the 24th Annual SA Style Awards.

Who is Ama Qamata Dating?

Well, as a beautiful young girl who has created a solid foundation for herself in the movie industry, a lot of people would like to know more about her private life.

So far, Qamata has not introduced any guy to her audience as the love of her life so we are hoping to seeing such a would be lucky person.

Ama Qamata is on the rise of being considered one of the most successful South African female actresses.

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