The subject of an inquiry by AEK Athens is Braithwaite, according to a report by the administrator on August 31, 2022.
AEK Athens investigated Braithwaite through the Athens inquiry, the Braithwaite report, and AEK.

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Reports say that the Greek team is trying to get financial information from every member of Barca and the support group of each participant.
Martin Braithwaite is likely going to be one of many players who leave FC Barcelona in the next year.

Since the participant has not found a risk that appeals to him in both sporting and financial terms, the situation has been at a standstill for weeks.

However, a new protagonist has now entered the picture. MD claims that the Greek membership team AEK is organizing strikes for the strikers’ businesses.
Given the acknowledged difficulty of obtaining a player like Braithwaite, AEK is searching the market for a striker and has asked every bar and the player’s entourage to find out the specific financial terms in each case.
Since the Greek market closes on September 15, AEK won’t have to deal with it urgently and can instead play to their strengths by bolstering their squad.
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