Anthony Veasna So was an American writer known for short stories, which were described by The New York Times as “crackling, kinetic and darkly comedic”.

So died from an accidental drug overdose on December 8, 2020 (aged 28). His debut collection of stories was published after his death.

Anthony Veasna So Cause Of Death

Full NameAnthony Veasna So
Cause Of DeathDrug Overdose
Anthony Veasna So Cause Of Death

A young writer from Cambodia has died of a drug overdose. The cause of death is unknown, but it was sudden and unexpected. His first book, The New Khmer Boys, was due out in August. So was the son of refugees and a queer American.

He was published by N+1 and The New Yorker. His writing was often described as personal accounts of family tragedies during the Khmer Rouge era and his own struggle with his sexual identity.

The cause of death has not yet been determined, but the writer was only 28 when he passed away. The author of the novel “Three Women of Chuck’s Donuts” and the memoir “Superking Son Scores Again” was a literary wunderkind on the verge of stardom. His obituary, written by Andrew LaVallee, described him as an aspiring literary superstar.

After finishing his undergraduate degree, Veasna So switched his academic focus to art and literature. He was inspired by artists like Mark Rothko and Diane Arbus. He even tried stand-up comedy for a while.

His career began when he entered Syracuse University’s M.F.A. program. He took the bus into New York City, where he met n+1 founder Mark Krotov.

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