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At Long Last The Battle Has Ended, Fatima of Date Rush Landed a Date in a Fascinating episode.

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Fatima was chosen by Bismark in Tv3’s Date Rush

-Fatima has been in the show for only God knows when and finally she got a date

-The auditorium erupted when Bismark finally settled on Fatima as his date for the night.

For Viewers of Tv3’s date rush,tonight episode came with a surprise when evergreen Fatima finally had a date.

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Fatima has been part of the program which goes live Sunday evening at 8pm on Tv3.

Date rush remains one of the most talked about programs on social media on Sunday.

In this evenings edition, just when nobody saw that coming, Bismark appearing in a grey suit settled on Fatima as his date for the night.

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It was really a nostalgic moment as Fatima jumped off her feet to hug the well built gentleman.

Date rush as produced by Media General’s Tv3 is a late Sunday night show which brings single adults on one stage so they go through the suspense of settling on a date.

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It has become one of the most viewed and talked about programs in Ghana.

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