Bobrisky Trolled for attending a party in oversized Shoes with no sight of his gigantic behind he claims to have done via surgery.

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Nigerian cross dresser Okuneye Idris aka Bobrisky has been trolled by social media users after a video of him rocking an oversized Shoes went viral.

The socialite have made a lot of noise about how connected and rich he is but his choice as a shoe seem to have given him up for ridicule.

Interestingly, his supposed behind he has done by surgery seem to have vanished too with no traces of of an enhancement of how his figure looks like.

Few weeks ago, he announced to have gone to do a liposuction surgery to enhance his looks precisely his shape.

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People were waiting to see a mass improvement but that never happened as his new looks didn’t show any gigantic shape as anticipated.

He has since been trolled on the issue, he thus took to his Instagram to blast critics saying, he had no plenty fat so it was impossible for him to have the kind of backside people were anticipating.

He later deleted the post.

Here is a few shots from the comment section form the above uploaded video bey Gossipmill Nigeria.

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