Loads of questions keeps popping up from netizens about Boston Russell, and most questions are geared towards his disability status. Lets delve into Boston Russell’s history. Continue to read this content for more info;


Boston Russell’s popularity is orchestrated by His birth as the son of Hollywood’s prominent actor and actress Kurt Russell and Season Hubley. Boston Russell, even with this kind of fame and attraction that his parents have achieved over time for their family, had chosen to stay on the low and always try to keep his shadows off the limelight.

Boston Russell became a celebrity by birth as others may associate it with citizenship by birth. Boston Russell’s father’s achievement as an American entertainer who worked with the Disney movie production firm had kept his father and his personal life in the public space. Surprisingly Boston Russell was never swayed by his father’s fame and he chose the low lifestyle.

Boston Russell was poised about his education and never joked with it. Boston attended Crossroads School at Santa Monica.Boston Russell had completed Georgetown University, Washington and later continued to the University of California, Santa Barbara. Boston had his major if two academic fields. Boston Russell is not a fun of too many friends and therefore He keeps to himself more than He associate with others.

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Boston Russell’s Age

Boston Russell is 42 years, he celebrated his birthday yesterday. Boston was born on 16th February,1980., in Los Angeles, California, United States. Your Celebrity star kid is celebrating his birthday today so do well to get him some birthday presents.

Boston Russell’s Family

Boston Russell Biography; Age, Wife, Family, Siblings,  TV Shows, Movies, Disability, Children And Net Worth
The Russell Family|credit: hollywoodlife.com

Boston Russell was born into a hardworking and well to do celebrity family. Boston Russell’s father, Kurt Russell and mother, Season Hubley met at the “Elvis TV Series” filming in early 1979 and they officially got married in the later part of that year and they got divorced 4 years after their marriage.

Not long after their divorce Kurt Russell have started dating American actress Goldie Hawn. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn has been in a 40 years plus relationship but hasn’t gone official yet and we’re also hoping that they tie the knot soon enough.

Season Hubley also moved on so quickly and got into another marriage in 1992. She got married to David Hayball. David and Season couldn’t stay together long enough. They unfortunately got divorced in 1994. This divorce was surely not what Season wished for but hey it happened.

Boston Russell and his stepmother are seemingly getting along very well as they’re sometimes seen in a mother and son mood. Boston also has a very good relationship with his step-siblings.

Who Is Boston Russell’s Father

All odds shos that in Boston Russell’s family, His father, Kurt Russell is the true leader and the most prominent in the family despite the entire families fame.

Kurt Russell was born on 17th March, 1951 and he is 70 years now. Kurt Russell was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S. Kurt Russell was born to by Louise Julia Russell who was a dancer and Bing Russell who was also an actor. Kurt Russell descend from an English, German, Scottish and Irish family line.

Kurt Russell is a prominent American actor who has began acting and starring in movies and on television as early as 12 years. Kurt Russell has now spent about 58 years in the industry. Kurt Russell became the top star for the renowned company “The Walt Disney” after He had signed a 10 years endorsement deal with them.

Kurt Russell had featured in loads of films including; Western series”The Travels Of Jaimie McPheeters”(1963). He also played a role in the Elvies Presley movie. The Adult Copper animation movie had seen Kurt Russell as their voice over person and many more. Hollywood had seen great actors and actresses and Kurt Russell is not an exception.

Who Is Boston Russell’s Mom?

Boston Russell Biography; Age, Wife, Family, Siblings, TV Shows, Movies, Disability, Children And Net Worth
Boston Russell |credit: closerweekly.com

Boston Russell’s mother, Season Hubley is a legendary retired actress in the Hollywood movie industry. Season Hubley has gained her fame after she was featured in this great piece of work such as Nikki Hardcore, Elvis, All My Children and many more.

Boston Russell’s mother, Season Hubley was born on 14th March, 1951 and she’s 70 years now. She was born in New York, United States. She was born to Julia Kaul Paine, her mother and Grant Shelby Hubley, her father. Season Hubley has 2 siblings, Whip Hubley and Sally Hubley. Season Hubley has Boston Russell as her only adorable son.

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Who Are Boston Russell’s Siblings?

Boston Russell has three sibling. Wyatt Russell who is a former Hockey player and an American actor. Wyatt is 35 years and was born in Los Angeles, California, United State. Oliver Hudson is also an actor. He was also born in Los Angeles, California, U.S. Oliver Hudson is 45 years. Kate Hudson is also a famous award winning actress, who was born in Los Angeles too. She is 42 years now.

Does Boston Russell Have A Wife?

Boston Russell and his family hasn’t disclosed Boston’s relationship to the public. Questions about his marriage has surfaced so many times but there has still not been an answer, meanwhile Boston Russell’s siblings have made public almost all matters relating to their relationships.

Boston Russell’s Disability

Boston Russell, in his early ages had an unspecified health problems as claimed by neighborhood. This had really caused a lot of worry to the family most especially his mother, Season Hubley, to the extent of his mother laying down her working tools just to take care of him. The Exact ailment bordering Boston Russell has not been made public. We hope and seek to know, in case there’s some help that the public could offer

Does Boston Russell Have Children?

Boston Russell does not have any child yet as known to the public. You’ll be updated if there’s any.

What Is Boston Russell’s Net Worth?

Boston Russell’s actual career has been kept out of the spotlight. Even though his family is full of famous actors and actresses, His source of income is still not known. Kurt Russell, Boston’s father is worth $100 million dollars and his mother, Season Hubley is worth $4 million dollars. Boston’s stepmother is also worth $90 million dollars according to sources.

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