Does Anna Kendrick has a husband or boyfriend? Despite being rumored to be single, the actress has never been open about her private life. In 2009, she dated British film director Ben Richardson, and in 2013 she started dating Bill Hader. They have been steadily dating since 2014. While their relationship is private, we can speculate that Anna Kendrick is a married woman.

In February 2012, Anna Kendrick began dating British cinematographer Ben Richardson. This relationship ended amicably just six months after their Golden Globes performance.

The couple’s first romance, the Oscar-winning romantic comedy Noelle, was a success, and the couple starred in the film together. In January 2022, they started dating and have been a couple for a year.

As of 2016, she has been dating cinematographer Ben Richardson for over two years. Although there have been no official announcements, the two have remained close and continue to work together.

While they are still dating, the two are enjoying their life as a couple. In addition, the duo has been co-parenting their children. They are still pursuing their careers and live happily ever after.

The actress met Ben Richardson on the set of Drinking Buddies in 2013. The couple later worked together on the film Happy Christmas, where he worked as a director of photography.

However, they have not revealed their relationship publicly, which has led to rumors of a secret wedding. For the time being, they have been keeping their relationship private. The actress is also rumoured to be dating an actor named Nick Cannon.

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