The article below shows whether “love is blind” actually work or not. Please keep reading to know more;

What does the term Love is Blind mean?

Globally, men and women from all aspects of life engage in a social experiment where they go on blind dates with each other and try to find love.

If you do your research, you’ll find that most people who are married say that they are able to tell you their partners’ negative traits- both physical and character related. 

They can tell you what about their partner makes them annoyed as well as joyful. These are the ones that have grown past the blinding stage and accepted their partner for who they are. They form a new meaning of the phrase ‘love is blind’ as they recognize the negative features in their partner and choose to continue forward despite it all. 

Does Love Is Blind Actually Work?

“Love Is Blind” actually works, read below to discover more;

Positive portrayals of a partner happen throughout the relationship from start to finish. 

Although there are times when it’s more palpable – like love at first sight scenarios and for those who are still in the honeymoon stages of love, it is always somewhat present. Falling in love i’s great, blissful, and even magical. A mesmerizing addiction that has us hooked. 

When we first fall in love normally the person is someone who generally fits into a type you see yourself with. They might have things in common or act similar to others you’ve dated in the past.

In simpler terms, this person fits the criteria your mind has created in order for you to fall in love. 

Now, it’s common for this love at first sight scenario to occur with little to no information about the person.

I mean it’s at first sight – that’s pretty fast – no time to ask questions. 

And  sometimes when we fall in love we do so not really knowing the in’s and out’s of what that person’s like. We are still figuring out their likes and dislikes, habits and personal taste – causing us to keep them positively elevated in our minds. Learning the details of their personalities with rose coloured glasses on. 

However, when we find out more, we also tend to find out some negative aspects that we weren’t initially aware of. 

Where did the concept originate?

The phrase ‘Love is Blind’ first appeared around the year 1401, in Merchant’s Tale by the English author Geoffrey Chaucer.

Over time it was used frequently by multiple writers and academic thinkers alike – including the likes of Plato and Plautus.

However it wasn’t until Shakespearean times that the phrase became popular and well known. English playwright William Shakespeare used it in various plays, including Two Gentlemen of Verona, Henry V and The Merchant Of Venice. Given how famous Shakespeare’s writing became it’s no wonder we have all heard the phrase one way or another. He totally popularized it – even Netflix got on board with their reality TV show of the same name.

While in that show contestants are meant to fall in love without having ever seen the person they are communicating with, there is so much more to the “love is blind” concept than simply falling for someone for reasons beyond their physical appearance.


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