Doumbouya set to audit public accounts of government employees; Alpha Conde’s ministers on the run

In the early hours of Sunday, Guineans were awoken by sporadic gunfire in the city as the “Special Forces of Guinea” led by Colonel Mamady announced that they have overthrown President Condé’s government, dissolved the constitution and formed the National Committee of Reconciliation and Development (CNRD).

The coup leader among other things said they were tired of “entrusting the country in the hands of one man and that in the coming week, the army would form a national unity government and develop a new constitution that would take them into elections in a year or two.”

In his address to the nation, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya indicated that the establishment of an organ of control and moralization of public management. He also announced that an audit of public accounts will be carried out. With regard to state refounding, the CRND intends to carry out a profound reform of the administration to improve the performance of the public services.

Concerning the fight against corruption, a body to monitor and moralise public management will be set and an audit of public account will be carried out” the president of the Guinean transition said.

A series of deep and multidimensional crisis ended up undermining the foundation of our country, Anxious Doumbouya opined.

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