Jimmy Barnes is an Australian singer, songwriter, and musician of Scottish descent. He is one of the most successful and best-selling Australian musicians of all time, both as a solo performer and as the main vocalist of the rock band Cold Chisel.

Jimmy Barnes has the most hit albums of any Australian or international artist in the Australian market, with 14 Australian Top 40 albums for Cold Chisel and 13 charting solo albums, including 17 No. 1s.

Barnes was born in Glasgow’s Cowcaddens neighborhood, the son of Dorothy and Jim Swan. His father was a professional prizefighter.

Despite the fact that his maternal grandmother was Jewish, he was raised as a Protestant. He described his childhood as a “slum” of drink and violence, claiming that his mother gave birth to him and his four siblings (John, Dorothy, Linda, and Alan) before she was 21.

His older brother, John, was also a singer who went by the stage name Swanee. Barnes was first uninterested in singing, but John encouraged him and taught him how to sing. On January 21, 1962, when he was five years old, he and his family arrived in Australia, initially in Adelaide, but later settling in Elizabeth. Later that year, another sister, Lisa, was born.

Their parents split shortly after that. Dorothy remarried to Reg Barnes, a clerk who died on September 3, 2013. [requires citation] After his stepfather, Jimmy took the name James Dixon Barnes.

Jimmy Barnes children

Barnes is a devout Buddhist. He has seven children: Mahalia, Elly-May, Eliza-Jane, and Jackie, four with his wife Jane, David Campbell (a previous relationship), and two daughters from past relationships: Amanda Bennett and Megan Torzyn.

David Campbell

David Joseph Campbell OAM is an Australian singer, stage performer, television and radio presenter. He is the son of singer Jimmy Barnes. 

Mahalia Barnes

Mahalia Violet Barnes is an Australian singer, songwriter and the daughter of Scottish-Australian rock singer Jimmy Barnes and Jane Mahoney. 

Jackie Barnes

Jackie Barnes is an Australian drummer, percussionist, pianist, songwriter and singer. He has been performing since the age of four and has appeared on over 60 releases since 1990. He is currently the drummer in the Australian rock band Rose Tattoo.

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