Flashback: The NPP government does not respect teachers; Ex prez Mills boldly tells

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At a meeting with the leadership of GNAT, Nana Addo confidently said, teachers don’t need to be rich and GNAT leaders clapped in support of the president.

One can confidently say that the president has asked teachers to quit teaching and do better jobs/businesses that could fetch them enough to improving their lives.

This saddens those of us who have this mindset of putting our strength and love into teaching and nurturing the young pupils and students to actualize their dreams.

But what do we hear? Discouraging comments from someone we thought could at least encourage if not improve our financial status. In his shoes, I would have made my comments in a way that would “ginger” the teachers.

Instead of telling teachers they can never improve their financial status if they depend on the teaching profession, it would be prudent to rather encourage them and let them know what the government is doing or can do to improve teacher’s conditions of service.

Young teachers, your lives matter likewise the lives of your students so if you want to be a billionaire, quit the teaching job just as the president loosely said.

Don’t dwell on the anger of the president’s comments to punish the innocent young ones who have ‘big dreams’ for themselves and the society.

Ghana‘s ex president John Evans Mills in an interview clearly stated that the NPP government does not respect teachers. He opined “I sought to increase their salary but they described it as unnecessary. This shows they don’t respect teachers.”

You can watch the video below

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