‘God works in mysterious way’- See the before and after photos of boy who was born with a hanging head, now fully recovered

At thirteen-year-old, Mahendra Ahirwar the Indian boy whose condition resulted in sleepless nights for his parents since he was born 13 years ago, had his head suspending  and could not be at an upright position, because of a birth deformity.

To get pregnant and deliver safely is really a serious medical issue hence the mother must visit the hospital intermittently and be examined by doctors regularly to identify of any complications have developed. Lack of money hinders parents to access health care for a safe and strong delivery of their babies.


The parents have paid a lot of money to take their son from expert physicians to local specialists. Unfortunately, all their effort made to secure funds for their son to go through a successful theatre operation had proven futile.


The medical deformity on Mahendra is termed as as Congenital Myopathy by health experts. This suggests a serious difficulty in which neck bones are painfully twisted. In reality, it develops very weak that they can’t stand directly on the neck.

A mother from the United Kingdom who knows how it feels to have a son suffer, magnanimously accumulated some funds from his charity to help him undergo the surgery. The process was done by a spinal surgeon Dr. Rajagopalan Krishnan from the Apollo Hospital of Delhi.

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