Candy Cat is known to be a friend of Peppa Pig’s that attends the same playgroup. Candace Candy Cat is also the second character who is kind and friendly but doesn’t go bear sharp objects with green as it’s a favorite color. Candy is a friend with others in the group especially Emily Elephant, she loves to dress up, play pretend, and sing. She loves eating fish fingers and drinking milk. She made her first appearance on the Peppa Pig series in “The Playground” and this episode has her giggling only.

Candy Cat is the daughter of Mummy Cat and Daddy Cat with a white whisker, cute small pink nose, and orange fur. She loves to imitate tigers and wears a turquoise dress, black shoes, and a white nappy.

How old is Candy Cat from Peppa Pig?

How Old Is Candy Cat

Candy Cat is four years off and she’s the same age as the main character, Peppa Pig. She’s been on the show since the first series in 2004 and was voiced by Daisy Rudd. As the kid’s show because successful they proceed to release seven in total hence they’re not showing any sign of slowing it has been renewed for another 104 episodes.

Candy Cat voice

As Candy Cat was being voiced by Daisy Rudd, he left the show and the role was given to Emma Weston who voiced the character from 2006 and 2010.

The character was later awarded to Madison Turner between 2016 to 2018 the role was however given to actress, Tallulah Conabeare in 2029 and still holds the role as 2021

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Does Candy Cat have a dad?

How Old Is Candy Cat

As Candy Cat is known to be a friend of Peppa Pig that appeared in the “Playgroup” episode, she’s the daughter of Mummy Cat and Daddy Cat.

Is Peppa Pig 17 years old?

How Old Is Candy Cat

Peppa Pig lives with Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig including her little brother George, Peppa Pig is four years old, he loves making loud snorting noises and jumping up and down especially in muddy puddles